UK based award-winning independent games studio PuppyGames are currently offering up a triple pack of their retro-styled, addictive arcade games for the insane price of of $4.97 – saving you well over $50 on the original sale prices!

The catch? It’s for a ‘limited time only’.

Puppy Games specialise in creating ‘fast, fun and addictive’ games with retro-style graphics and gameplay reminiscent of the best old-school arcade games.

So what does $5 get you? From the PuppyGames website: –

  • Ultron -Unique retro-futuristic sound and graphics, player responsive difficulty, and a subtle system of tactics combined with classic gameplay make Ultratron a fun and hypnotic arcade blast.
  • Titan Attacks – Titan Attacks has the same easy-to-learn and addictive gameplay of the classic arcade shoot ’em up, but is packed full of extras – new features, new strategies, and stylish neo-retro visuals.
  • Droid Assult – Discover a unique tactical arcade shooter, with the fun addictive gameplay of classics like Paradroid and Quazatron

Because I love nothing more than attentionally sounding like a cheesy American infomercial I’ll repeat the price – a super swell $4.97/£3.72.

Better still you can pay via Paypal, credit ordebit card and demo’s are available so you can try before you buy.

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