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OMG! Ubuntu!

Easily get Wine apps to match your GTK theme

Nothing sucks more about running Wine applications in Ubuntu than the visual yell of “HEY! I’M NOT NATIVE!”.

We’ve previously mentioned ways to improve the look of Wine application on the Ubuntu desktop and whilst the following tip is another of these it is by far the easiest way to get Wine apps matching the look of the rest of your desktop.

Easy WINE GTK love

The not-so-snappily named‘wine colors from GTK’ python script we’re going to use extracts the colour scheme from your in-use theme and applies it to Wine.

I tried it with a variety of different GTK themes on my desktop and found that 9/10 it’s a near flawless solution.


If you change your GTK theme and want your Wine to match you just need to run the script again per the method above.

Thanks Daryl Osbrink