Caitlyn Martin over at O’Reilly Broadcast has posted an interesting article titled “Debunking the 1% Myth” where she investigates what the true market share of Linux on desktops and laptops actually is.

Her findings are very interesting – she notes that “netbooks alone Linux captured nearly 6% of the desktop market in 2009″ which, coupled with other numbers, puts her final market share estimate at 8% – just under Apple Mac OS X. She also suggests Dell, and Ubuntu, has played a key part in increasing Linux’s market share.

“The best estimate for present sales is around 8%, which puts Linux just a little behind or perhaps just about even with MacOS.”

If you combine embedded and mobile devices such as Android, Linux server installations and dual-boot installs (where Windows is counted as the default operating system), it’s quite obvious that Linux’s market share in the world of computers isn’t small at all – in fact it’s rather large and steadily growing.

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