The plug will be pulled on cross-browser bookmark sync service XMarks in 3 months time, Xmarks CTO Todd Agulnick has announced today, forcing its 2 million users to go elsewhere.

Citing the in-built bookmark syncing features of most modern browsers as part of the reason leading to its demise, the company had pinned its hopes on finding a buyer for the company or introducing a sustainable paid-business model.

With no buy-out deals reached and the lack of workable business model, Todd says, there is no way to pay salaries or hosting costs.

‘Without the resources to keep the service going, we must shut it down.’

Xmarks was unique in providing cross-platform and cross-browser syncing. For this reason many dual-boot users relied on the service to keep their Windows and Linux lives in harmony.

Google Chrome and Opera 10.61 currently offer bookmark syncing across their respective browsers, with Firefox 4 due to debut its own bookmark syncing feature later this year.

As for Xmarks? It’s the end of the road.

‘Our plan is to keep the service running for another 90+ days, after which the plug will be pulled.’

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