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How you will access applications in Unity – Meet Applications Place

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

In a discussion on the Ayatana mailing list about implementing a simpler-way to view and install applications, Ubuntu UX member David Siegel shared a frustratingly tantalising tid-bit: –

“This looks very similar to the Applications Place, coming to an Ubuntu Netbook near you in 10.10 ;)”

Attached was the following mock-up: –

Applications Place

The mock-up shows ‘Applications Place‘ on the Unity desktop and demonstrates how users of Unity will access installed applications. For anyone testing Unity as of now will be aware that a method for doing so isn’t currently implemented.

It looks exciting from the mock-up (if a bit overly-complex) but for my first glimpse of Unity’s ‘Dash’, I am expecting great things.

Your thoughts?