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OMG! 5! – Five Terminal commands/tips

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

imageToday’s daily 5 aims to free up some of your time with some nifty terminal commands.

sudo !!

Ever entered a command but left off the ‘sudo’ ? Instead of typing the entire thing again, or back-arrowing to the start, just type the following to run the previous command as root.

  • sudo !!

Kill a rogue application using its name

Instead of hunting around the System Monitor to kill a rogue application, just killall it

  • killall app_name

Force install a 32bit application in 64bit

This is one mainly of use for 64bit users but applicable for installing lpia .debs, too. It won’t always work but it’s worth knowing anyway. To force install a 32bit in deb in 64bit Ubuntu run: –

  • sudo dpkg -i –force-architecture path/to.deb

Auto-complete using TAB

Hopefully you already know this one: typing a command and then hitting the TAB button will auto-complete the command for you. Try it out – type ”gnome-system-m” and then hit the TAB button – it will auto-complete to gnome-system-monitor.

If there is more than one match possible it will list them.

Pasting commands

If you’re reading this blog you’ve probably pasted commands into a terminal before. Instead of manually using the menu to paste commands into the terminal just press CTRL+SHIFT+V together or use your middle mouse button.

There is a metric tonne of more commands and terminal tips, so be sure to share your wisdom and tricks below!