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Full Steam ahead

Several media outlets, including the British Telegraph newspaper, are reporting that Steam for Linux is definitely coming.

Whilst they omit citing a source, the groundswell of assumption in that direction is certainly pointing to something…

Talking of Games…

Fans of historical real time strategy’s may want to keep an eye on the development of the recently open-sourced game ‘0 A.D’ by WildFire Games which is making steady progress towards an alpha release. The homepage describes it as: –

Matte Finish

Docky fans bored of the current theme line-up included with the window-management application will soon find a new theme ” titled ‘matte theme’ ” trickling down the update channel. The theme, already in the bzr trunk, looks as sleek as follows (Picture courtesy of @rohangarg) : –Large Photo

Compatibility at a price

Commercial WINE application Bordeaux has hit version 2.0.4. Unlike rival commercial application CrossOver which costs upwards of $60 Bordeaux is priced at a reasonable $20 ” a small price for guaranteed Microsoft Office and Photoshop CS2 compatibility & support. 

Final note: Start Quickly, Look rubbish

Mouahed e-mailed us (contact@omgubuntu.co.uk) to ask why the default OpenOffice ‘Start Quick’ icon in Ubuntu 10.04 looks so darn rubbish: –Problem with ooo ubuntu theme
C’mon OMGians ” lets find a better icon!