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Preview of LightSource – But just what the frakk is it?

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

David Nielson has become OMG!’s very own Banshee “news canon” of late by keeping us up-to-date on the latest and greatest developments to arguably one of the best media applications around.

Now he’s got something a little bit different to share with us. A project called ‘LightSource’.

A letter to OMG! readers

Question: When is a preview not a preview?

Answer: When you don’t actually know what it is you’re previewing!

Teasingly David didn’t reveal too much about the project so we don’t have much to go on or reveal. He did offer up three intriguing screenshots and an open letter to OMG! Readers – all of which are below.

LightSource-OMG exclusive

“LightSource proto snapshot default work view”

LightSource proto snapshot default work view 

“LightSource with prototype lower pane visible”

LightSource with prototype lower pane visible

In his e-mail to us he mentioned:

…tying up the existing technologies already present in the system such as Tracker, Zeitgeist, the Gallium 3d drivers and Telepathy…

and having the project ready for Ubuntu 10.10.

I’m still slightly clueless as to LightSource is about ” I’m assuming it’s about arranging and integrating the workspace so as to be more ‘efficient’ to a users workflow.

In reality your guess is as good as mine. My tip? Keep an eye on his blog over @