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Lucidity – Proposed Lucid Theme

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

A proposed style for inclusion in Lucid is ‘Lucidity‘ a “clean, monochrome icon, minimalist” type theme that still makes use of the default Ubuntu colour palette.


Mock-up only

As with Homosapien originally, this style is currently a mock-up and a mock-up only. If Homosapien taught us anything it’s that a good theme can become reality very quickly!


It has a very steel look which will make most people reach of “OMG! MAC!” conclusions, but when you really look at it it’s nothing like a Mac theme other than it having a bit of “metal” gradient.

I think it’s promising. I like the fact the progress bar is brown-ifed, in keeping with Ubuntu’s unique style. I hope we see more mock-ups soon.