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WillWillIbex – One of The Best Forgotten Themes For Ubuntu?

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

WillWillIbex was a proposed “design” for Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex made by a one Will Williams back in 2008.

At the time it was nothing more than a mock-up made in Photoshop but the design so resonated with people that it was soon etched into the wiles of reality and made available to download.

I remember this theme being a really big deal back then. You couldn’t move for blogs mentioning it, deviant-artists & gnome-lookers trying to create it, people posting it on the Ubuntu Forums over and over asking how to get it… and so on.

Sadly it seems this theme has long since been forgotten, superseded by the Dusts’, New Waves’ and Impressions’ of the customization scene.

Mock up (note the taskbar icons):


Get The Look

Getting the WillWillIbex ‘look’ is relatively simple thanks to the work of Jecovier on Gnome-Look.
Combine it with Docky, the Humanity Dark Icon theme, a few widgets and the wooden wallpaper to pretty much get the exact desktop!

willwillkarmic1 willwillkarmic3

Download Links

GTK/Metacity Theme @

Wallpaper @

Emerald @

Clock ” Is the bog-standard screenlets clock using the ‘cairo clock’ theme.

GDM ” If there are any non-Karmic users out there, you may like DanRabbits’ awesome GDM for this theme:

You can get it @

CoverGloobus Theme

To create the now-playing widget i had to pretty much start from scratch. I simply took the mock up and tried to match it. The rating stars came from another theme, i just coloured them lemon.

CoverGloobus sadly can’t produce any reflective effects naturally, and adding a “gloss” to the album art window using a .png  looked a bit false. So this is what i ended up creating: –


 I also made a version with controls: – 

Download @ my deviantart page

Install by extracting the ‘ibex’ folder from the archive and popping into the ‘theme’s’ folder of CoverGloobus.