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Get a ‘Windows XP’ Desktop In Gnome By Running One Script

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Like the Windows XP look and layout? Want it in Ubuntu with zero hassle? Well I have no sympathies, but “PhrankDaChicken” certainly does as he’s created a “one script” solutions that, yes, totally themes GNOME XP style.

Firstly Karmic users should note that various aspects of this won’t work for them – such as the GDM and USplash.

Secondly, as always, be prepared for things to screw up. I personally haven’t tried this script, but as we saw with the (gorgeous) Spatial Desktop script – different people get different results.

The script changes the following: –

  • Icons
  • GTK
  • Metacity
  • USplash
  • GDM Theme
  • Mouse
  • Panel Background
  • Desktop Background
  • Visible Desktop Icons
  • Nautilus Tree View
  • Toolbar to Icons only

Deletes all GNOME Panels and adds a new one at bottom with: –

  • Start Menu
  • Show Desktop
  • Window Switcher
  • Notification Area
  • Volume Control
  • Clock.

You can revert settings by running the Restore_Settings script ion the restore folder.

You can watch the script both installing and then restoring below.


Why Do This?
Perhaps you know someone who uses XP on
their Laptop and you’re frustrated with fixing it or hearing them moan?
This offers a trade off.

Source: techhawk
Dan Donated Screenshot