KDE dev Harald Sitter has been working on something a lot of Kubuntu users are going to love: A native UbuntuOne frontend for KDE. And boy-oh-boy is does it look the business!

The systray application notifies you when of transfers uploading or downloading, when they’ve started and when they have finished. “Additionally”, Harold wrote on his blog announcing this preview, “it will show up whenever there is a problem with the connection.”

Awesome stuff!

Of course, I’ve gently skipped over the fact that this is merely a post-protoype preview and not in any way a stable snapshot of a release. Hardold himself warns that users can expect “…crashes, start-up failures and missing functionality…”.

Try it out

You can install this early glimpse of this KubuntuOne-client (as i like to call it) via the following PPA: –


However do note the following on how to get it up and transferring: –

Before you do anything you need to run the GNOME client (ubuntuone-client-applet) at least once to obtain authentication from the Ubuntu One server, then you can just quit the GNOME client and start the KDE one (you need to start it with –nofork or it will not work).

Future Plans

Sitter plans for this to land into Kubuntu Lucid, so expect some prompt development over the next coming months. Authentication needs to be implemented and he even talks about possible Dolphin integration, too.


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