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Inkscape 0.47 Released – Gains a ton of new features & improvements

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

The latest version of popular vector graphic application Inkscape was released yesterday bringing with it a hefty amount of features and improvements.


The new features users will be getting their paws adjusted to include: –

  • Timed Autosave
  • Spiro spline ” a new way to work with paths
  • Auto Smooth nodes
  • Additional modes in the tweak tool, including scaling/rotating objects, deleting and duplicating using the "soft brush”, and more.
  • Reworked snapping system
  • Snapping toolbar
  • New path effects
  • Eraser tool
  • A filters menu with a huge collection of new preset filters
  • Spell Checker for text objects
  • New Extensions – including calendar, printing marks, polar grids and more
  • Cairo-based PS & EPS export with improved quality & more features
  • Plus all a wave of bug fixes, usability tweaks, memory leaks plugged and other.

You can find the full release notes @

Users should also note that the preferences directory has been moved from ~/.inkscape to ~/.config/inkscape to better conform to Linux desktop standards.


You can get the latest version of Inkscape from the official Inkscape site @

Alternatively you can use the Inkscape Nightly PPA @ but be aware that this hasn’t been updated for a few weeks.