OpenOffice is the default Office suite in Ubuntu, and most other Linux distros, and for good reason, too ” it’s more than an equal for Microsoft’s all-dominant Microsoft Office suite.openoffice-logo-420x259

Version 3.2 will be released towards the end of November 2009. What will be new?

  • Speedier Startups
  • GTK integration Gnome
  • Encryption support for Microsoft Office files
  • Microsoft 2007 document support ” including password protected files
  • ‘notes’ renamed ‘comments’
  • Ability to add notes to presentation or drawing
  • Collaborate via comments
  • Keyboard shortcuts can now use ‘ALT’.
  • Removes the limitation on the length of the password in ODF documents
  • Small changes to menu ordering in certain applications

You can find even more information on new features/improvements/bug fixes @ the Oo.o wiki:


To install OpenOffice 3.2 beta you can download and run one of the following install scripts: –

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