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What’s Coming In The Karmic Koala Beta?

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Karmic Beta 1 will be available to all in just TWO WEEKS time!

karmic wallpaper

Although nothing “new” as such will be present in the Beta, a lot of it will actually be “new” as in ‘the first time it’s been included/packaged/installed’.

Beta Updates: –

  • The boot experience will finally be refined from the wild and slightly untamed version found in the Alphas.
  • Boot Speeds will be aggressively worked on from now until release date ” building on the foundations laid in the Alpha’s.
  • The new and improved WUBI will make it’s first appearance ” allowing easy upgrading of WUBI installs to fully fledged partitions, bootcamp support for Mac Owners and even (!) ‘CoLinux’ support: Ubuntu as a portable application running inside Windows proper!
  • Say hello (finally) to Firefox 3.5 OFFICIALLY in Ubuntu.
  • Ubuntu Moblin Netbook Remix (what a name!) will finally be able for download and install by the Moblin-curious.
  • Application fixes to ensure all installed fit nicely on netbook sized screens.