Gnome-Do comes with a variety of different docklets for use with it’s ‘Docky’ interface.

For example the ‘Trash Can’ docklet lets you right click on it and choose to empty your trash directly, or simply click it to see your deleted items. The ‘Clock’ docklet when clicked, shows a mini-calendar within the dock pane itself. There are also CPU Monitor, battery status and even a volume control docklet!

The Weather Docklet is even more useful than these to me, and can provide up-to a 6 day forecast right inside your dock! No floating Widgets or Screenlets ” detailed forecasts just a click away!

The weather icon will sit in your dock and tell you both the current conditions (via an icon) and the temperature (in either Degrees of Fahrenheit depending on which you choose.)


Hovering over the icon with your mouse will tell you your location, the temperature and a ‘worded’ versions of the current conditions.


Clicking the icon once will reveal either a 3, 4 or 6 day weather forecast (depending on the weather information service you have elected to use) displayed neatly inside your dock. Icons will depict the forcasted conditions. The date and predicted temperature highs and lows are displayed as text.


Clicking on the weather forecast display/the weather icon twice will then take you to a graphical representation of the temperatures forecast for the coming days, allowing you to see the coming peaks and troughs.


Clicking once more on the graphical view will take you to a ‘text’ forecast like so: –



To add this, or any other Docklet, to your dock: –

First off, make sure you’re using the latest 0.8.2 release of Gnome-Do. You will need to add this PPA and then update, making sure to install the gnome-do-docklets package.

  1. Right click the ‘Do’ icon on your dock and choose ‘Preferences‘. The ‘Do’ button will be the icon on the far left of your dock.
  2. Select the ‘Plugins‘ tab and in the drop-down menu next to ‘Show‘ choose ‘Docklets’.
  3. Check/tick the boxes of all the Docklets you wish to use. They won’t appear on your dock just yet, though!
  4. Select the Appearance tab from the top of the preferences menu.
  5. Check/tick all the Docklets you wish to USE on your dock. They should now pop up towards the far right of your dock.

To customize/configure the ‘Weather Docklet’: –

  1. Right click the ‘Do’ icon on your dock and choose ‘Preferences‘. The ‘Do’ button will be the icon on the far left of your dock.
  2. Choose the ‘Appearance’ tab and highlight/click on ‘Weather Docklet’.
  3. Click the ‘Configure’ button.


You can now choose your Weather Provider as well as enter your location. Search for your location, then click add. Choose the update/refresh interval and whether you want to use Imperial or Metric units. Click close.

For people using and living in the UK you will need to first go to, search for your location and in the URL bar copy the short code starting with ‘UK…’ and ending before a ‘?’ Add this as a location.

For example, the code in bold: –


More Docklets are planned for release with Gnome-Do including a mouth-wateringly awesome GMail docklet! The next release can’t come soon enough!

Do 0.8

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