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Installing Flock In Ubuntu

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

If you’re a social-networking fiend or just a web 2.0-a-holic you’ve likely already heard of ‘Flock‘ – the Mozilla-based ‘Social Browser’.

Flock combines social networking and media services such as twitter, facebook, youtube, flickr, GMail and blogger though the use of sidebars, a media bar and icons.

Upon logging into a supported service, Flock instantly lets you know that you can integrate it into your browsing experience and be kept up-to-date on profile updates, comments, pokes, statuses, tweets, uploaded photos, etc. It also boasts an impressive blog editor, feed reader, custom home page and lashings of web 2.0 style ‘drag and drop’ interaction for uploading, downloading or ‘clipboarding’ of files.

Also, because Flock is based on Firefox 3, it comes with all the stability and performance you’d expect and allows for the use of most Firefox add-on’s such as Adblock Plus, greasemonkey and stylish.


Just pick the correct system .deb from below.

(Jaunty users should use the Intrepid release for the moment. It works fine.)

  • Ubuntu Intrepid 32 bit – 2.0.3
  • Ubuntu Intrepid 64 bit – 2.0.3
  • Ubuntu Hardy 32 bit – 2.0.3
  • Ubuntu Hardy 64 bit – 2.0.3

Once downloaded just double click on it to install. Simple!

Installing via a .deb means when you want to remove it you can do so through synaptic or ‘apt-get remove flock’.