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LulzSec Used Ubuntu

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

In the latest (and seemingly final) batch of documents dumped on The Pirate Bay bycomputerhacker outfit ‘LulzSec’, afamiliarlooking operating system can be seen in use.

A screenshot included in the file dump named ‘ owned.png’, whichappears to show a hacked resource relating to theUS Navy, shows Firefox running under what looks to be Ubuntu 10.10.

Firefox and Ubuntu used by LulzSec

Note: This image has been cropped to omit personal data (to cover our asses)

The inclusion of the shot doesn’t really mean anything profound. LulzSec, a group with several members, will have also been using Windows and OS X to commit their alleged hacking.

But it’s always interesting to see Ubuntu in use where you don’t expect to see it – even when it’s used for something questionable.

Thanks to lUiGi