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Help Design Ubuntu 11.04’s official countdown banner

The bi-annual call for designers to get creating Ubuntu release-date countdown widgets has been made.

As in the past, the contest allows users to flex their design digits and create a small 180x150px ‘widget’ that counts down daily to Ubuntu’s release.

Guideline specifics along with submission details can be found on the Ubuntu wiki @ †

In short the requirements are: –

  • Entries should be 180px wide by 150px high
  • No PHP or flash
  • Ubuntu 11.04 beta changes from the code name of “Natty Narwhal” to “Ubuntu 11.04” – thus don’t focus on ‘Narwhal’ in your graphics
  • Facebook app, Android widgets and other ideas welcome
  • The deadline is Monday April 4th

Current entries

So far only one banner design has been submitted, but it’s genius.

Andra°s Bognair has taken the layout of Ubuntu’s new default desktop interface – that’s Unity if you’re unaware – and used it as a basis for the countdown. It sounds like it shouldn’t work, but by jove it does: –

clickmeNeed inspiration? Previous entries can be seen here.

Want a countdown widget for Android? There’s already one available.