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17 Recommended apps for Linux designers and developers

Freelance web developer John Hamelink has put together a tight little list of apps he recommends for Linux developers and designers.

The (as of writing) 17strong list includes many applications we’ve raved about on OMG! – from screenshot-ing tool ‘Shutter’, task managers, time trackers and image editors to the ace image compression tool ‘Trimmage’.

Even better, the list contains lots of β€˜one-click install’ apt:urls for easy installation.

John notes at the bottom of his post that the list is far from exhaustive and welcomes tips on β€˜any killer apps” he has skipped over. So feel free to head over and chuck in your two-cents!

Update: It seems the site is now down. Hope we didn’t crash it! In the mean time view a cached copy: –