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Humble indie bundle hits a million dollars; 4 games open-sourced

Great news for gamers everywhere β€” the Humble Indie Bundle (where you could pay whatever you liked for 5 6 great Linux-supported games) was a roaring success earning the assorted parties involved a massive $1,025,219 of which $300, 000 makes its way to charity.

The Humble Indie Bundle initiative was backed by a pledge to open source four of the games: Aquaria, Gish, Lugaru HD, and Penumbra Overture, whose code is being prepared as you read!

β€œWe are preparing the sources right now and will be releasing them ASAP. We spent last night preparing Lugaru and it is almost available now. The code is still a little rough (no Visual Studio project yet, for instance) but hopefully with the help of the community we can rapidly make it more accessible to everyone.” ~ Official Blog post

Clarification on the license of the games: –

β€œβ€¦the games will be “free as in ‘free speech’, not as in ‘free beer'”: see each license for the full, finalized details as they come out very hopefully this week — stay tuned. It is the underlying code that will be made available to everyone. β€œ ~ Official Blog post

image[3]Linux users the most generous

Linux contributors were by far and away the most generous with the average Linux contribution being almost $15. Windows users were the least generous paying just shy of $8 on average for the bundle.

If you bought yourself a bundle feel free to pat yourself on the back before getting back to some gaming action!