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Pino twitter app adds indicator applet support, more

Not a week can go by without the superhuman development team behind Pino being able to push out another updated ” and we’re certainly not complaining!

This weeks’ update sees the awesome twitter application gain a few new things: –

  • Support for favourites (add/remove/list)
  • Support for url shortener
  • Support for Vala 0.8.0
  • Very basic support for indicator applet

Yes ” indicator applet support!


If you’re already subscribed the the Pino PPA then this update will hit real soon. If you’re not, but wish to be, then add it via a terminal using the following commands. Note that the PPA will only update/install Pino and its dependencies ” no scary surprises along the way.

  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:vala-team/ppa
  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:troorl/pino

You can also build from source but be aware of Pino’s dependencies before trying.

Download the source here and install using the three-step waf command as follows: –

  • ./waf configure –prefix=/usr
  • ./waf build
  • sudo ./waf install