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VLC Team To Launch Video Editor

The people behind one of the most widely used cross-platform applications ever known to man – VLC – are due to formally announce the addition of a new project to their already impressive roster – the perhaps-not-so-snappily-titled "VideoLAN Movie Creator" (VLMC).

Aiming to do for pro-sumer video editing what VLC did for media playback, the project will support all three main OSes, use the QT framework (as VLC does) and no doubt strive to provide a comfortable and competent application.

VLMC is available to test right now using git://

Sadly I’ve yet to get the ruddy thing to compile (One keeps getting hit over the head with "‚Äėuint32_t’ has not been declared" errors. Bite me!) but the VLMC website states that a pre-release version will be winging its way out of the barn very shortly!

Video editors for Linux are like buses ‚Ä” you wait ages for one and then loads turn up one behind the other!*

(*this may be a British saying so it’s okay to be confused!)

Thanks to Resu