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Poll: Do You Use F-Spot?

Last week at the Ubuntu Developer Summit, plans were hatched for what was to be included in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx. header

GIMPs removal from the default applications line-up in Lucid was down to many of its features over-lapping with those of F-Spot. It was felt that the GIMP was, ultimately, a professional application and “Mr Casual User” probably never touched it. Bang on the money, really.

However many of you seemed miffed that F-Spot had been left unscathed despite the fact, and I’m generalising here, most of you said you install something different to manage/edit your photos.

Now, decisions on application inclusion are based on a number of factors and the number one most important thing for the Ubuntu team is including usable, user-friendly applications that grandma and grandpa would use.

Does F-Spot really fit this bill? Are there better alternatives? Do you use it? Do you like using it?

Do you use F-Spot?